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The DLG Planner is The Most Powerful
Tool For Real Estate Agents

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Here’s Why Agents Loves DLG…

“This Book is MONEY!”

– John Moscillo / MoreGCI.com
“This book right here is money Really, it is.”

Rahim Rasooli / Sales Associate
“I’m addicted to this
My day is very much disciplined and more organized”

Jeff Iron / Broker Owner & Sales Associate
“This planner here, has become my bible
It really transformed my business”

Daniel Massaroni / Sales Associate
“Help me organize lot better.
Thank you so much DLG”

Realtor / Sales Associate
“Fantastic! Keeps me on Track.
Helps me plan my day”

Gurinder Sidhu / Former Regional Director Remax Integra
“I want to Give my Endorsement to this daily planner.
Get one of this. It keeps you on track”

Asif Khan / Coach Broker Owner & Sales Associate
“Very Powerful Tool.
Allows you to get to the next level”

Joseph Giovinazzo / Sales Associate
“Just like coach keep you on target.
This planner keeps you on Target”


Daily Pages

For 365 days of the year, The daily pages are a reliable way to remind you to GENERATE MORE LEADS each day by selecting, scheduling and implementing the suggested activities, this will help you defeat distractions while maintaining consistency
and discipline. This will be the key to make you more productive.

Lead Pages
It is a convenient and reliable way to follow up on your leads. Having all of them in one place allows you to make sure you are always on top of your leads. Note: there are 312 entries on 26 pages or 13 sheets.
Buyer’s Information Pages

Keeps you neat and organized by having all of the details regarding your buyers in one location. This includes properties shown, remarks, and more.
Note: There are 60 Entries on 30 pages or 15 sheets.

Seller’s Information Pages

Keeps you ordered and always prepared by having all the information regarding your listings in one place, including the solicitor’s details, notes and more.
Note: There are 60 entries on 20 pages or 15 sheets.

Income & Expense Pages

Keep track of all your monthly (business and personal) expenses including your income of the month. It is an easy way to stay organized at all times.
Note: There are 12 Entries for 12 months on 12 Pages or 6 Sheets.


Reminds you:
To generate more leads every day
To capitalize on prospecting, referrals and marketing
To improve your skills
To add value to your time
To always follow up
To be persistent
To build your brand
…And much more!

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